After a few tries with stretched styles to combat shrinkage (band-out on a WnG and twists on dry hair) that completely FAILED (my hair started out big and fluffy exactly how I wanted it, then it shrunk back to it's normal size)

Maybe it's the humidity here in NYC but I cannot seem to get my stretched styles to stay stretched and not shrink. I tried a twist-out on dry hair, which looked great...until I walked outside and it shrank to smaller than my normal WnG and tangled into something fierce.
So what I've been doing lately is putting (a lot) of conditioner in sections while my hair is dry, detangling piece by piece, putting it up in a baggied bun. I'll sleep on it, then when I wake up, take it down, shake, and go.

So far this has been the only way to keep shrinkage at bay. It clumps amazingly and I'm having the best hair day imaginable. I will have to tweak it some because there has been some flaking. I'm also a little worried about build-up so I may have to actually start shampooing my hair (I typically don't lol). But other than that I love the way my hair looks,

Have you guys tried this? If so, which conditioner do you use?
3c/4a fotki [update 4/18/09]
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BC 4/26/08! Last relaxer April '07

aussie moist /suave coconut conditioner (cowash/leave-in)
long aid activator gel
random condish+honey+olive oil+cocnut milk+whole milk+conditioner (DT)
finger combing>>>>Tangle Teaser