My texture is 3a/b but my stylist specializes in textured hair- most of her clients are 3c or 4. She told me not to bother blowing it out first before flat ironing, but instead just to flat iron right over the curls. She was right- it's so much easier- so much less hair to contend with plus a major time saver. I just put in a ton of argan oil and my regular leave in and air dry. Then I flat iron before bed and in the morning take a curling iron and curl some random layers so it doesn't have to look perfect and gets some body back.
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I don't blow-dry mine before straightening either. It doesn't make much of a difference. What brand of argan oil do you get? Is it pure or mixed with silicones?
I did Brazilian blow dry at hairdressers Ealing. Now I have got really straightened hair. I suppose itís not harmful, because they use natural sources of keratin. And i should say that hair became enough shiny and silky
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Out of curiosity, how much did you pay?
Ok, this seems to work for me----->
I actually straighten my hair in layers. I start from the bottom layer, then work my way to the top. I take a clip, then pin up all of my hair, except for a small part on the bottom. Then I spray ion straightening solution on my hair, and that's it. I really love the ion spray. It leaves my hair silky and smooth, the only problem is the smell. But, anyway, it's paraben free, so my hair loves it(:
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I straighten in layers too. It's so much easier that way. I've been wanting to try the Ion spray. Have you tried any other of Ion's heat styling solutions?
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