Hi ladies, how ya'll doing? Im 28 and just now recognizing that my hair is wavy. It wasnt til I got my hair cut in a different way a few weeks ago that I recognize *gasp* waves!

My hair has been long for most of my life and I have a LOT of it. I suspect my long thick hair is the reason why I never noticed it before. Even though my husband swore he saw it (he's got beautiful ringlets btw not fair).

Also I've been thinking this whole time I had dandruff and using selsum blue. I read the dandruff vs dry scalp article, and convinced i have dry scalp now. Im sure the selsum blue doesnt help encourage my waves.

Anyway, Im super excited since all I can focus on when Im watching tv is the ppl who have curly hair whether it be natural or via curling iron. Since my hair refuses to curl using a curling iron.

So Im hoping by changing up my routine I can achieve it without having to damage my hair. K Im gonna stop rambling now lol