Wow, finale, I cannot believe how different you look with those two different hair lengths. The shorter length makes you look cute and bubbly and chic, it really puts the focus on your lovely eyes and smile. The longer length has a sultry "longer hair as a look in itself," thing going on.
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This is exactly what I wanted to say If I had been smart enough to think of it. I wouldn't have thought I would like any length as much as your bob, but I like it long too.
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Thanks so much, Peda! I had expected to cut it off long before now, but it kept needing less product as it would get longer, and be easier to get to look decent before leaving in the morning. All of a sudden, it was APL curly. I have no idea how it happened. I'm sure I'll go back to the bob. I sure do miss it. But for now, I'll keep it long and keep experimenting.
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