See hearing everyone's stories is what keeps me from wearing my hair out at all & I'm not even completely natural yet! My brother has beautiful 4a coils & people try to touch his hair all the damn time & I always cringe when I see that happening so I can only imagine how I would react!

Ok...well actually I know. I remember when I was pregnant I was in walmart & this older lady stuck her hand out to touch my belly & said 'aww..what do you have in there'. I immediately smacked her hand away instinctively & said 'b*tch what do you think?!"

My dad stood there in shock & laughed as she dropped her head & walked away! So I know I would definitely respond in a similar manner if someone went for my hair! It has always blown my mind how people have so little regard for others personal space & body...idk...I just pray that I don't end up smacking someone or worse!
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