Today's Hair [PIC]

I don't think I used the KINKY CURLY CURLING CUSTARD (KCCC) custard the right way but I did like how it left my hair light yet had a firm hold.

I only had 5 minutes after I got out the shower to do my hair so I just grabbed the KCCC and layered it on top. I did scrunch it in certain places.

My hair almost seemed to curl up instantly without effort. If I had taken my time like normal (45 minutes) then I bet my results would have been better. I didn't even get a chance to use any conditioner for moisture after the co-wash.

While I have relatively low porosity my hair does enjoy a large load of product at times. But the more product I use the more shrinkage occurs.

This is me about 13 hours later. I will post a pic tomorrow after I cowash and style using KCCC

At this point I don't think I would buy the Kinky-Curly product line again because I wanted to have more product than 8oz for the $20 that I paid on this small container.

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