Welllll, I went back to my stylist with an Audrey Tautou pic and got my hair cut into a style similar to hers! I also used a semi-permanent dark brown color to get rid of my highlights, and make my hair just a shade darker than it's natural color. I love it! Its sooooo easy to deal with and it's so different from the hairstyle I've had all my life. I miss my long curls a little bit but I'm happy I did it.

Will post pics tomorrow- now I just have to find products to style my hair at this length! It has lost most of it's curl and is just slightly wavy. I want to define the waves and add shine so I'm thinking about buying a pomade- any suggestions?
type 3A (I think, with some 2C thrown in?), currently highlighted.
Oily scalp with dry ends, searching for the optimal care routine