Seems to me your hair is ~3b so when cut it will look most like the third pic. The 1st two women have less curl than you. The 2nd style is a blunt cut but your ringlets would curl tighter. The 1st pic is a woman w/ wavy hair cut very layered & w/ some waxy styling product to make it look "piecey". If yours was cut that way it would look nothing like that but those very short layers would curl up very tight.

Personally I think you'd look very much like the 3rd pic (fabulous) with your hair in a very good short cut. Even the face shape is similar. It appears to have fairly long layers. That cut was done by a topnotch stylist w/ an excellent knowledge of curly hair. It's important to choose carefully, and not blame the stylist if s/he can't give you a look like the 1st two pics.