Question: how long do you want to put someone in this thread?

I posted two products for swap on 5/19 and was contacted that same day. I mailed her products on 5/21. I emailed her to say that I had sent them and to provide the tracking number on 5/23. She received them on 5/23. When she emailed me to say that she received her products, she also said that she didn't get a chance to send my products because she hurt her leg, so she would have to get her husband to do it. I started to worry that maybe she wasn't legit, so I looked in the Swapper recommendations thread, and she has a few good reviews.

On 5/28, she sent an email saying that her husband mailed the products on 5/27 and the tracking indicated that I should receive them on 5/31 (but didn't provide the tracking number). As of 6/2, I have received the products. I emailed her this morning asking for a tracking number. I was trying to be nice (and not accusatory) saying that sometimes my work post office takes a while to distribute things. I'm also trying to take into account that Monday was a holiday.

What's a reasonable amount of time to expect to receive your products? Normally, if I swap with someone on a Monday, the transaction is complete by Friday (on both ends).IMHO, I think 5-7 business days is reasonable, but I might be wrong....
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