It doesn't flake unless you have used too much, and make sure you don't have any other product buildup in your hair. Those are the only times I have see flakes. In the case of product buildup, I just washed (with shampoo, containing coco betaine to remove 'cones or buildup) and started over - HATED to waste the KCCC, because it's expensive. When I used too much, I just diffused it until dry, and the next day sprayed with water to re-set. Try shampooing and using less next time you style. And using a leave-in without silicones (I think you are already doing that).

Also, try Queen Helene's Royal Curl Curl Shamping Gel (or Creme - I can't remember the name). I understand from several women on the 4a board that it gives them similar results at a much lower price (about $8 for 15 oz).

I can actually vouch for Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel (about $7 for 8 oz) on or any health food store. It give nice, but not super hard, hold, is flax-seed based but I felt gave me more crunch than KCCC, but you can easily scrunch it out. It cut down on frizz a LOT, but not as much as KCCC.
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