Hello, I'm trying to help my Mother out with her hair. She has been dying it for quite some time now using Nice 'n Easy dye. Her hair used to be pretty curly, but now its mostly frizzy stringy and thin. The color fades very fast for her, even though its permanent. She mostly uses sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, but is pretty inconsistent with hair care. So this is where I come in!
I want to try a different dye on her. I read that semi-permanent is better for the hair, especially since I think she has highly porous hair. It doesn't seem like she can really retain color or moisture at this point.
I also think she should try a protein treatment, or maybe protein rich products like conditioner.
Does anyone have any suggestions for products or home made treatments? I just did a lot of research but having a hard time figuring this protein thing out.
Another question: Should I dye her hair, rinse the color out and immediately do a protein treatment? Should we skip the conditioner that comes with the dye? If not, how should I go about dying her hair?

Thanks in advance!