Just washed today and I'm really happy with this method!!

On the first day (as explained above) I put (a lot) of conditioner (smoothing tressemme ) on my hair in sections, gently finger detangled, bunned overnight and let dry the next day.

My hair has been so perfect and the 'style' lasted 3 days. I'm sure that it would have lasted a week had I not washed it today, but I had too bc I put waaaaaay too much conditioner in and it was flaking something serious, which was getting on my nerves.

My wash was amazing! I barely had any tangles (I guess the conditioner 'set' my detangled hair and it just kind of stayed like that) And my hair felt so healthy while the water was coursing through it. Tonight I'm going to add oil to the bottle just for fun. But I'm def not going to use as much conditioner as last time bc those flakes were no joke.

Another note: I've posted on this board before about how labor-intensive it is to saturate my hair with water under the shower stream. When I first rinsed today, the water was able to go straight to my scalp and my hair was wet almost instantly (this is a HUGE deal to me). So the theory I'm working on is that my WnG causes my massive amounts of hair to shrink together to form this impenetrable barrier that makes it hard for water to get through.

This literally has just made my life so much easier
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