I saw this lady on YT recently talk about how she put conditioner in her hair BEFORE she got in the shower to wash it.... I had read about this in the 2nd Curly Girl book and blew it off...cause I have high porosity hair..

Well I decided to try it.. wow..it really works well for detangling to put the conditioner in before you wet your hair.

I can't do the leaving conditioner in with the baggy and all that though.. my scalp will act a damn fool. It likes to breathe.
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I'm glad it works for you with washing! I know that dry hair will soak in conditioner better than wet. And, wetting hair makes it more prone to tangle...I feel like (slightly) more breakage will occur from wet detangling than dry+conditioner. Even if I don't continue with this WHOLE process, this detangling part will remain a staple in my routine.
But I don't baggy over my whole head. I put my hair up in a high bun and baggy over the bun. This way my roots get stretched out and once I take the baggy off in the morning my curls are clumped together really nicely.

BTW: Last night when I started over I mixed the Tresemme Smooth&Silky with Suave Coco, some coconut oil and some almond oil and NO MORE FLAKES thanks for the tip @greenandchic
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