Preliminary hit
Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Cream. This stuff is really nice. My hair soaked it right up and my hair feels so friggin soft. This cream is very hydrating. When I rubbed it into my hair it was like I can feel my hair being infused with moisture. It was really nice. I'm gonna try this and the califia pudding fresh after a wash and DC, in the same way I use my Qhemet AOHC and HBTSG for twists. I'm very impressed. I'm kinda mad that I only got samples of this stuff. I hope I have enough to do my whole head.

Possible Miss
This Komaza Care Vitamin Reign. It doesn't eff up my hair or anything but it just feels like I'm spraying water on my hair. Nothing special at all. Ya, I've only used it once (I got all these products in the mail but this stuff will probably not be a repurchase. I'm gonna use this stuff up though.
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