My hair is pretty much baby fine. It's really soft and I can get it to look okay when I wear it curly, but I'd like to option of straightening it every now and then... the problem is, whenever I straighten my hair, it gets so frizzy and puffy. My hair's healthy and everything, but it's so fine that it just won't stay down. I have a good straightener, I've tried a bunch of products... but nothing works.

Anyone else with fine hair have this problem? I am out of ideas. I'm tempted just to cut my hair short and get a full head of extensions at this point.
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My hair is baby fine too. It gets a little frizzy and puffy shortly after straightening it, but worst of all, it LOOKS dried out and fried. If I got extensions they'd be too shiny against my hair's dry texture. I so badly want silky, shiny hair. And the problem with fine hair is, in my experience, you have to use a lightweight serum, not a heavy cream or pomade, when straightening it since it weighs down and gets greasy easily. On the flip-side, a lightweight serum, at least the ones I've tried, don't really help straighten my hair nor create shine. The 'product' that works best at creating shine for me, and I know this is awful, is olive oil.

I've noticed the ingredients in all straightening serums/heat protectants, are pretty much the same. It doesn't seem worth spending a lot on these products because whether you pay $4 or $40, many of them contain at least some kind of combo of the following ingredients:
-Cyclomethicone or Cyclopenthasiloxane
-Aloe Vera
-Castor Oil
-A protein such as Wheat Protein or silk protein.
-Vitamin E, B5, and/or A.
-some contain polyquats or PVP.

Does your flat iron have temperature control? I have baby fine hair, and have had decent luck using a Sedu Revolution at the lowest heat setting.

I've tried some different heat protectants, and so far the only one I've been really impressed with has been Aveda Brilliant __something__, but I'm not wild about the smell after ironing.

Curly Hair Solutions ReMane Straight seemed to protect my hair well, but I was able to wet it and have my curls return.
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I've heard good things about Sedu and Solia straighteners, though I've never tried one myself. And is the Aveda product you're talking about called Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade? Or is it the Spray-On Shine or Emollient Finishing Gloss? If it's the pomade, the key ingredients are aloe and castor oil.

I'd love to see straight hair photos of everyone who's made a suggestion in this post.
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