They need to include instructions on that Kinky Curly Curling Custard KCCC on how to remove it from the hair.

I was in the shower with soaking wet hair and bucket loads of conditioner trying to detangle with just my fingers.

After about 1 hours I just turned the water off and stood in the mirror. The KCCC is more like glue than a gel. No wonder it's known to defrizz cause it glues your hair together. I only used my fingers to separate sections and finger from tip up to my roots.

I lost so much hair you would've thought I was doing a big chop BC!!

The bad part is KCCC is a great product. Makes the curls look phenomenal but the rinsing out is not what's up. They need to supply a removal product. My suggestion is wet the hair and put on a plastic cap for about 2 hours and let the product dissolve somehow.

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