Tonight I CoWashed with the 2 conditioners I bought today.

## My first use of Giovanni is not spectacular. The conditioner smells like orange hand cleaner you find at an auto mechanic shop sink. The consistency is not as thick as I would have liked for that price. I think it has proteins because I it turns white like toothpaste after a while of detangling with a wide tooth comb.

## TRESemmé Naturals is THE BOMB =) I was completely satisfied with the product performance and the smell is unbelievable. If they wanted to charge $30 for that conditioner instead of $5 they would have every right and I'd gladly pay. I'm looking forward to my next cowash because that product made it an experience and not just a task. If you love extremely thick and creamy conditioner then look no further. You would think they were paying me to write this but I assure you of every word I said about this product.

I'm always buying new conditioners so I can't say I won't look beyond this one but I know I can always trust it especially since it is cone-free.

Now I just need to see if TRESemmé has a cone-free leave-in conditioner that's hydrating and smells just like the naturals conditioner.

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