Things I'm still questioning or trying to understand are:

1. What is a denman brush and where can I buy one??

2. I'm uncomfortable with having my hair come forward. I want to pull some hair into the front but I don't know it that would give me "man bangs" LOL The whole purpose in my hair experiment was to create hairstyles the guys can wear that are masculine and sexy at every length as it grows from bald head, medium, long, and ridiculously long.

3. I want to give up on all gels and holding products. I want the curls to be free flowing and soft to the touch especially since so many people ask to touch my hair. I want them to say that it is soft and not that it is crunchy.

4. How much shedding or breakage is normal? Does everyone experience some kind of breakage when detangling? Does anybody else get frustrated and even mad when they cowash and get hair in the comb or on the hands?

5. I didn't expect my hair to grow this fast so is it more effective to just condition as a separate process from showering?

6. Where can I find a good leave-in that's cone-free?? Do I have to go to specialty hair stores for this?

7. I have heard of the "a-cone" and I don't ever want to use that but why have some people decided that it was am OK CONE yet I get the vibe that they feel they compromised in choosing to use it in the first place.

There's a lot I want to know but I'll end this post right here

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