Convincing (ok fine. I was begging) my mom to buy me some Kinky Curly Knot Today
Imma sucker for the ingredient "marshmallow"
Getting my (relaxed) mom hooked on healthier hair products. Like Roots of Nature and Shea Moisture.
She loves the Roots of Nature line. She brought the Curl Enhancing Smoothie for my little sister (who has thick, big 3c curls) and the Deep Treatment Masque for herself. I hope she likes 'em.

being left in Target with twins. Im 20 (who apparently looks like a 16 yr old) and every lady (never a guy) stopped, smiled at the twins and stared HARD until I stared back and said "Im 20. These are not my kids. Im the sister, my mom is over there." And the look of relief just gushed over the faces as they continued to coo and ahh over the infants.
Smacked with a head full of Dreamy tight Coils that refuse to have it any other way...
Finally maintaining a clean, moisturized scalp!
I'm really getting into my Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil now
Here we embrace the disorder of hair product buying

Why would I relax all the fabulousness?!
Inspired by Keenylicious

I swear the things that catch on in our society...
never anything with meaning
Inspired by LeeLee