There, got your attention?
Has anybody else used a beer rinse? You leave it in. It's almost like a setting lotion - reduces frizz, defines the waves/curls and oh, the shine and bounce! The scent goes away. Personally, I cannot stand the taste of beer or any other alcohol. Some people can only taste "bitter" in booze and for me, no matter how "good" it is, as soon as it hits the middle of my tongue, it's like licking an un-coated aspirin tablet. But my hair loves it!!! To show my beer-ignorance, I poured it in a glass like soda pop and it promptly foamed up and over the top and all over the counter. DH says, "You've never poured beer before." Duh.
All those proteins and hops and silica (yes, silica) and maybe some sugars really do wonders.

And the "MORE" is I gave myself a trim and this is my 100% favorite way to cut:
Pull hair out at an angle (like it's pointing to your shoulder) then cut it at an angle towards whatever your shortest layer is. If I pull it out at a 40 angle, then I cut it at about a 60 angle (from vertical). For my hair, as I trim, the waves and curls jump right into place when I let go.

This is a cut for volume and defined, shapely waves. Those spirals and ringlets do come back, but it favors volume.

It's so easy to do that the hardest part is not nicking your hands with the scissors. Maybe get somebody else to help make sure the back is even if you can't.

There are always touch-ups, but I love it. I've always gotten compliments post-haircut with this method, even before I knew how to style my hair.

Seriously, if you're sick of stylists or just can't budget (or stomach) salon cuts, try this method. It's IAGirl-proof, so it has to be good!