Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

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I received a sample of this. Very nice moisturizer, but I can't stand the smell. It's VERY strong and the scent doesn't let up. It is very rare that a scent will kill a product for me. This one has done just that. Glad I didn't purchase a jar.
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Maybe you should leave a review on her site and she'll get the message and change the scent. Her products give me a headache.
Ah...to be a well pampered pootiecat. I can sleep on my owner's lap. Roll over on my back when I want my stomach rubbed. Purr with delight. Suddenly jump off and walk away for no reason. Not respond when I am called. Throw my leg up and lick with intense abandon. Sleep 85% of the time. Hang my head off the couch and view the world upside down.