Cant wait to see pics!

Id so love to cut my hair this short. I was going to say the Audrey cut I LOVE - glad u went that way!

For me - my hair is waay to thick and now my grays make it even more kinky or wirery.... Ive always hid behind my hair too - so its a confidence thing.

Saying that - my hair was as long has yours and i recently cut off 6 inches! Its about 2-3 inches past my shoulders - and even that was scary for me -but my hair looks great and so healthy! I can still pull it back and my hair is a lot more curly.

So a little envious youve got the right hair and face shape/head size to pull this off. Im sure it looks great!
3a long thick -botticelli hair when there is humidity
2c wavy w/curls if there isnt.
currently using Bioterra & KMF in winter
Jessicurl styling in summer
Natures Gate poo & condish
Thank you NC for bringing me back to curly!