So this isn't exactly hall of shame material, but it was a question that I've had for a while.

Wet hair is considered sloppy and messy and unprofessional. And I can understand that hair that is dripping wet does look a bit ridiculous and has no place in an office, but I don't understand the problems with hair that's damp or half dry.

I'm sure you guys know exactly what I'm getting at here - I have really short curly hair, and I *need* a morning shower so it's not gigantic. But I also have neither the time nor the inclination to blow dry it every morning to make it "acceptable," and now that I'm in college and interning, I've gotten some funny looks for coming to work with hair that's a little wet.

What's the back story here?
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I've had the same thought before! Unless you're difussing because it helps you style your hair, what's the point?
Hair Type: I was thinking thick, fine 3A, but honestly I have no clue! I do know I have a super flat top, and frizz on the sides.
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