Nobody has asked me if I'm mixed but I have been asked, "what are you, anyway?" I don't find it annoying as much as a telling about the virtual stranger who would ask such a personal question. Close friends who've asked me get a pass because it's a chance for me to educate them that curly hair isn't "owned" by any particular race.
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Yes I've never gotten "are you mixed?" but have gotten the "what are you?" question my whole life. Which I thought was odd as I have light skin and eyes, white lady nose/mouth, always thought I just looked "white" but found out mom is part native american indian, dad part spanish/north african. So I guess some people can see this though I can't really.
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What do you mean by "white lady nose/mouth"? Noses and mouths come in all different shapes and sizes, so it's a bit racist to just group all them into one stereotype according to your skin colour.

Spain is a part of Europe, so technically you are 1/3 "white".