Going cone-free requires finding a smooth way to detangle because the silicones that were present in the coney conditioners is no longer being used. The glycerin and silicone combo used to help detangle but now I find cone-free conditioners are not as slippery.

Today I found a method that works for me.

(1) Wet my hair completely and then I use my first conditioner (Giovanni) as my scalp agitator. This conditioner is great for this step because it offers light suds.

(2) Load my second conditioner (TRESemmé) onto the rest of my hair and gently massage as if shampooing.

(3) Put my head under the shower and then start to detangle with wide tooth comb. The rinse helps move the conditioner down the hair shaft and provides the slip needed for easy detangling.

(4) After detangled put conditioner back in and let sit in the hair while I shower my body. Rinse off my hair after I rinse off the body wash.

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