@Alikalssa I saw it and also posted this one.

The thing about being mixed is I can go back and forth between the curl types. I prefer it in 4a/b but I never learned how to take care of it like that other than braid it up and not deal with it

I just add conditioner and it turns into how it is in my avatar.

One day I'll wash and pick it out with no product to show with my current length LMAO it'll be a BIG fro

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Curly hair is so versatile! One day you can rock a fro, the next day you can apply product to define your curls.....It's great

I've done the shingling technique for a lot of ladies with 4b hair and they are always pleasantly surprised to see that they have the option to define their curls if they want to wear their hair that way. Most of them love a combed out fro the best though.

When the weather is right a glycerin based product helps to prevent the combed out fro from drying out. When I'm rocking a combed out fro I normally use Long Aid curl activator and seal it with my avocado butter mix (avocado butter 70%, Jojoba oil 20% Sesame oil 10%) and then I comb it out with a wide tooth comb to separate the curls

ETA - when I say 'glycerin based' I mean glycerin as the second ingredient after water

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