I definitely get asked this often, and I am no longer offended. I only get p.o.ed when someone tries to ARGUE with me about it after I tell them I'm not. My dad told me that apparently if you don't have "nappy can'tcha, don'tcha hair" - his words, not mine, meaning you can't do anything and don't want to do anything with it - people will assume you're mixed with something...but I also got this question often when I had a relaxer too.

OP, it's probably a combo of your hair, freckles and red color that makes people ask. When they ask you, just say, "Nope, I'm not!" and keep it moving. No biggie.
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Wow!! My answer about this has certainly changed. It still doesn't offend me, but the question definitely annoys me now. Some people seem to think this question is the same thing as "What time is it?" I've gotten to the point where I'm like, "Why the eff do you care? Why is this important? I don't even know you, so why do you feel like it's okay to ask me about my racial background?" It would be one thing if we were having a conversation about heritage/ethnicities, but it's just a nosy question.
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So...I started this thread and somehow missed it turning into a huge thing. Okay. Haha.

But nail hit on head, Elly. It's just a much too personal question for the girl working the cash register at Bojangles' to ask me as soon as I step up to the counter, you know?

And it's a question that a lot of my friends have asked after months of knowing me, because they're genuinely curious how I ended up with what seems like such a strange mix of characteristics. I don't mind it all when it's them.

It usually bothers me most when it's relaxed black women who ask the question in a patronizing voice and then ask about relaxers, as if I don't know about them because I'm white, and that's what's preventing me from having "good hair." Ya know?
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