i think i've disappointed a small handful of friends (past and present) when they find out that i'm "just black". my best friend is 20 yrs older than me and a lot of times people wonder how/why we became such good friends. we met at work and she initially wanted to befriend me because she thought we were the only puerto rican girls at work! LOL i can't be mad though because at first i was trying to holla at her son. i didn't find out until months later that he's gay.
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LOL! See...my thing is this. A lot of the people who ask me if I'm mixed are mixed (no I did not assume or ask, they told me without me asking) themselves, and sometimes I think they're like, "Oooooh, I'm like you, so what are you?" Then, when I visibly side eye them, they get offended and act as if I have a problem with mixed people...sorry, not the case, I just didn't appreciate that question. It's like they were about to do some secret handshake on me, and I'm like yea sorry not everyone wants to be in your special club...
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