Hi Partinggiftx3,
I think it's great that you are trying to help your mom with her hair concerns.

Here are some suggestions:
First, although semi-perm is better for the hair, in my experience it didn't work because it fades and washes out really quickly. Is your mom just coloring the roots or is she re-coloring her whole head of hair each time?

I suggest just coloring the roots as they come in. I use L'oreal Preference which I found less harsh and more lasting than Nice 'n Easy. My hair is also very porous and I think using any color product increases porosity, but I don't like myself in grey hair so I dye it.

Second, I use a protein treatment in the week before I color my hair - not after. Protein will strip color so if you are using it right after putting on color that is one reason why her hair color is fading so quickly. The time when your mother washes her hair in the week before coloring - after washing it she can use a protein treatment like Nexxus Emergencee (leave on for 1-3 minutes) and follow with a VERY rich deep conditioner because the protein treatment will dry out the hair although it makes it strong. If you want suggestions for which conditioner please post back or pm me.

So, the week before coloring do a protein treatment and very rich deep conditioner. After you or your mom applies the dye, make sure to remove all the dye by shampooing. This is the one time I use a mild sulfate shampoo, but a good lopoo should do the trick also. Then use a deep conditioner for a few minutes.

Here's the breakdown in case I've made this sound too complicated.

1) Week before coloring do a protein treatment (1-3 mins) followed by deep conditioner (I only do 5 minutes but you can do longer if you have time).

2) Dye the roots. Leave dye on for at least 35 minutes to make sure it "takes" on resistant grey hair. Wash out thoroughly - consider using a mild sulfate shampoo. Deep condition.

I hope this helps and I'd love to hear the results. Good luck!
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