What is "shingling" and do you think KYJelly is a good hair product????

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Shingling is when you apply the product to the hair in small sections to ensure that each strand is coated with product. You use your fingers to smooth the product along your strands and clump your curls.

I found this video on YouTube as an example of what 4b hair looks like after it has been shingled.

YouTube - ‪i thought i was 4c (im 4b)‬‏

There are quite a few videos on shingling on YouTube.

Miss Jessie's also has a video: YouTube - ‪Miss Jessie's Shingling 101 Demo‬‏

I'm not too sure what KYJelly is. Have you typed it in the search engine? Maybe someone else on the site has already discussed it.
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Hey AlikaIssa, thanks for posting those videos, but this is why I get confused with hairtyping- I'd have thought the lady in the first video was a 4a, on account of the fact that her hair gets definition with gel. Maybe a more wiry/coarse 4a, but a 4a all the same. There are some parts of my hair at the front (mainly the edges) that will not curl, regardless of the amount of gel I use and how I apply it. It is not heat damage, it is just the kind of hair it is. If you look very closely, you'll see that it is tiny tiny curls, like toothpick sized, which from afar you can't see at all. This is the section which if I am pressed to give an answer about my hairtype, I refer to as my 4b section.

PS: I think I saw on another thread you're london based! So am I

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Hi Noodlenaps,

It's nice to see another Londoner on here!

I would describe the lady in the first video as 4b because she has less of 'a defined curl pattern'. I don't really believe in the whole 'z zhaped' part of the 4b description. There was a thread about that some months back (http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...d-strands.html)

If you have very tiny tiny curls, I'm surprised that you are unable to get them to curl. What did you use on it?