Very Minor Hit:
Moisture Stretch Curl Extending Cream: Its a hit because my hair isn't as dry as I thought it would be tho I did use my ZB DMHDC on top of my twist.

Mizani Curl Replenish Intense Moisture Mask: Intense no, It was ok, I steamed with it since I need to get a review done. It was nothing to run into the streets about.
Mizani Curl Balance Poo: Ehhh Its a poo so it did its job nothing I would use all the time.

Mizani D'tangle: Ummm detangle what? yeah no I used it as the LI and I detangled with the DC.

LAWD my hair is sooo coned and mineral oiled up... One time uses for me off to the swap bag they go.
BC: June 16th 2010
TYPE: 4a/b; color treated, nml-high porosity; fine w/ med density
Product Connoisseur

OMG my hair wets when water touches it!