Miss - Curls Whipped Cream

I call myself revisiting an old favorite....we are now parting ways for good. My hair is hard dry even with KBN Shea-Aloe Leave In under it.
I woke up late so I had to bun it but I will be clarifying tonite and trying Darcy's Pumpkin Seed as a leavin...just need to figure out which styler.

vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
Originally Posted by Chicago Kinks
Ive been debating buying the whipped cream too. hmmm.

The pumpkin seed is an excellent RO, detangler and LI. After the first time I used it, I refuse to rinse it out. Waste not want not. Lmao!

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Originally Posted by Naturalista
I use the Pumpkin Seed as a pre-poo. Excellent stuff. Wish it came in a bigger bottle though
Smacked with a head full of Dreamy tight Coils that refuse to have it any other way...
Finally maintaining a clean, moisturized scalp!
I'm really getting into my Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil now
Here we embrace the disorder of hair product buying

Why would I relax all the fabulousness?!
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I swear the things that catch on in our society...
never anything with meaning
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