I love the Pumpkin Seed condish!!! Why the heck isn't it on my HG list??? **Goes to add**
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Yeah I have it in my fridge right now b/c it doesn't have glycerin (and our dews are nice) and I was looking for some additional prods w/o it for when I travel and winter..I forgot all about it!
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Do you use the Pumpkin Seed as a LI or RO? Because as a LI it was too "heavy" (as in limp noodle curls) for my hair.

Maybe I should use this with ACV and see what happens....
Smacked with a head full of Dreamy tight Coils that refuse to have it any other way...
Finally maintaining a clean, moisturized scalp!
I'm really getting into my Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil now
Here we embrace the disorder of hair product buying

Why would I relax all the fabulousness?!
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I swear the things that catch on in our society...
never anything with meaning
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