[QUOTE=itsKelCeeEee;1684257]Hit: As I Am Twisting Cream
Excellent, EXCELLENT twisting cream! VERY moisturizing but not greasy, a soft hold with no crunchiness, dries without the residue. I love this stuff. So worth the money (Well, when I buy it. Lol)

Miss: As I Am Hydration Elevation
Seriously there was like, zero slip. I was super disappointed and had to mix in another conditioner just to be able to tangle my hair. Good thing I didn't have to pay for it.[
+1 To think they actually tested this stuff???
Ah...to be a well pampered pootiecat. I can sleep on my owner's lap. Roll over on my back when I want my stomach rubbed. Purr with delight. Suddenly jump off and walk away for no reason. Not respond when I am called. Throw my leg up and lick with intense abandon. Sleep 85% of the time. Hang my head off the couch and view the world upside down.