Yes, I had to wait until all my German relatives were deceased before trying this
I've read about champagne rinses (hardly economical). Wine being made from grapes wouldn't have the goodness from the fermented grains, but then neither would champagne. I wouldn't put wine on my hair - most certainly would color yours too!
I tried putting wine on my face once (skin treatment) = itchy skin and asthma attack. Really dumb!

I did try making a rinse with horsetail (for the silica) and hops (for the hops) and nettles. It was almost as awesome. I should have added a drop of honey and a little Neutral Protein Filler for a "don't have to get carded at Wal-Mart" alternative.

I was amazed that the smell totally evaporated. I didn't want to smell like I had been partying. Minus the vomit.
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Did you use fresh horsetail of wait till it dried? Did you steep it in hot water?