People have asked me that before. I believe it has less to do with my kinks and more to do with my eye and skin color. Someone actually came up to me and asked if if i was i told them and preceded to tell me i got something in me. Really!? I don't think I'm that light more or less on the carmel side. But I have seen mixed ppl darker then me. My mommys cocoa and my dad was light mixed with a little white. Most ppl in America have some mixing somewhere in their line. My thing is does it matter? I don't think so

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Not saying that its right but I think the 'darker complexion, lt.eyes combo (that stupid people believe blks can't/shouldn't have) throws people off & they don't know what to think.

I had a great uncle who passed away recently who had the prettiest dark brown skin & ice blue eyes. I have to admit when I was younger & saw him at the family reuinion for the first time, I was like wtf is going on here?! LOL. Clearly I was very young & didn't know better but I'm just sayn.

I also have very lt. complexioned people in my family w/green & hazel eyes & they honestly used to 'pass themselves off as Mexican' bc they believed it was easier than tellin people they were blk back in the day (stupid I know...thats another thread & another time).

I used to occassionally wear honey brown contacts when I was in undergrad & people didn't know what to think. LOL. I clearly don't wear them now but I still get that 'mixed question' quite often which is annoying as f**k. I always say no then they look at my dad who has lt. brown eyes, wavy hair & dark skin & are like 'yeah...ok'. I just laugh bc I know they would be even more confused if they saw my very lt.skinned, long very straight haired grandmother!
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