Woo-hoo, days of 88, 95, 95! Yep, 95 isn't ideal, but after this past week's frigid weather, I am thrilled!

So what happened at work yesterday was that one of the cooks jokingly brought up that she forgot him asking to close the windows once she is done for the night because the house gets really cold when we have these low temperatures. She then got huffy and asked him if he wanted to make a problem out of this. He was still calm and said it really wasn't a big deal. She said someone else could have closed them (which she said the first time he brought this up, he told me, implying me and then saying how that night she went to sleep really early because she got no sleep for reasons she didn't want to get into) and then somehow managed to bring up how I have been keeping her up. Of course, they already all know the situation anyway. He told her the conversation wasn't about me. Anyway, at some point she how she did not have to deal with children and it was clear she was the only adult living with children. It was then that both he and our other housemate and fellow cook pretty much lost the desire to be civil. Even so, he said that he still calmed down and offered her the chance to be part of a house meeting, to which she said she did not need to have.
She talked to chef, who apparently was in a rather cheery mood from another game of ping-pong and he was left utterly confused as to why she was talking to him about housing issues since he's just the chef.

I want an iPhone 4, so here's hoping for a new version to lower the price.
I also want a bucket of money or two.