Thank you so much for all the lovely words, ladies!
Wild~sasparilla, as proof of my nerdiness, I totally wanted to high-five you about Nostalgia Chick's The Craft review. I havent seen that movie in ages, so I got all excited when Lindsay reviewed it.

RCC, I just wanna be you when I grow up (though the kinkiness won't be approximated)!
And what of Minxy and her foxy self! Did you see my Matthew pics, Minxy? I know how much you miss seeing your chubby-cheeked nephews.

Ninja, she made a rather half-assed effort at a truce this morning. It was totally damage control because she realized she pissed off everyone else. I went from intolerable, selfish, discourteous, inconsiderate, immature, and self-centered to "you're a nice girl" overnight! Her appeal made no sense: "we all have our things; I have my sleep, you have your computer, etc.". Umm, WTF? That makes no sense! My use of my laptop makes no demands and unreasonable ones at that on anyone else. I like sleep as much as anyone else. Seriously, que the hell?!
She was off today and spent the day flipping her bed so her head is north-south so that she can sleep. She is now directly facing me. It is creepy. That or head is too close to me. We're basically a T shape with our beds. This isn't ****ing Tetris!
Also, my phone is gonna bug her even more now. But maybe now that her head is in a north-south direction, she'll be that much more able to sleep so that my phone will somehow not be a BFD.
I'm going home for the next couple of days. Rhubarb awaits. My mother will want to kill me for turning on the oven on the hottest days yet.
I will buy this woman a sleeping mask. Just because I want to hear what excuse she'll come up with for why this is still not acceptable.