My canopy was almost straight when I started. It has almost caught up now.

Things I did:
*Pin curls when wet and left until dry
*separately scrunching this area
*sometimes after totally dry, just spritzing canopy with curl refresher and pixie-diffusing
*if I needed to finger comb for fullness (because my hair is thin). I would lift canopy and only finger comb the under layers.
*getting layers cut it - took off weight and helped tremendously

You can see my progress here. Good luck to you all
2a (, 2a/2bFii (fia), normal porosity

Cowash:TN Radiant Volume
RO TN Moisturizing .
Styling products:AVG, Ecostyler Crystal
Styling Methods: Pixie-style diffusing - total fav
Low-poo: AO Nourishing Lavender

saved by grace, walking by faith