Ok, so I picked up the Moisture Light shampoo and conditioner this morning, and looked at Curl Light products. Unfortunately, there were no samples of the Curl Light products, but they look GREAT! No "bad" ingredients (unless you count sodium laureth sulfate in the shampoo, which I don't). Lots of sweet almond oil in both the 'poo and conditioner.

The curl light defining spray does have a lot of alcohol in it (like a hairspray), but also has some of that sweet almond oil in it. I went ahead and got the spray (in hopes that I could get good results with the Moisture Light stuff and the spray). I have had good luck with sprays like this in the past, so keep your fingers crossed.

I probably won't give the spray a try for the next few days, though, since we're looking at cold dry weather, which really sucks for me with curl formation. I want to give the spray a fair shake and a chance to work with our usual humidity.