WTH is up w/people on here the past few days?! People get so sensitive, jumpy or want to debate you as to why the way you feel is wrong. It's like ok...we may not agree but I'm not gonna act like you made a personal attack on my character bc your opinion differs than mine!

I mean I am a veryyyyy easy person to get along w/but the past few days I've been ready to tell people about themselves due to their unnecessary attitudes & I don't even know them like that! LOL.

All I'm sayn is if you're that dang sensitive then maybe you should stay your butt off the internet where your guaranteed to run into people whos opinions differ from yours. As a matter a fact just dig yourself a hole in the ground & live there bc if you can't handle the internet I'm sure you struggle greatly in your day to day life!

End Rant!
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