Hi Techmom and SheBros. I think my color is very similar to what you describe. I've tried semi-permanent and it doesn't cover my gray successfully. Nice 'n Easy gave me the most awful orangey tint to my hair.

I've had the most success with L'Oreal Preference which is a permanent dye. (Not the L'oreal Excellence the L'oreal Preference version.) I found that I need to use two bottles at a time: Dark Ash Blonde and Light Ash Brown. Sometimes I mix them and sometimes I alternate: I make a part and streak on one, then another part and streak on the other. I hope this is clear - I'm not sure exactly how to explain it. I'm just covering the roots - not the whole hair but the instructions in the box are very easy. I find that I need to use more of the Dark Ash Blonde because even the Light Ash Brown gets too dark on me.

It's a pain in the (you know what). Good luck - if you have the time, please post back. I'm interested to know how it goes.
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CurlyPearl: I'm still not sure which route I'm going to go. I so wish Garnier didn't discontinue the light ash brown. I got the most perfect color when I mixed the light ash brown with the medium ash brown. I'm extremely disappointed with the lack of semi permanent brands available. And, I'm also disappointed that the semis don't seem to have much of a color selection in the brown ash tones. I really don't want to go the route of permanent hair dye yet since I have very little gray to cover. But, thanks for the recs. I'll post back here when I've made a decision.
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