It is permanent (or can be semi if left on < 15 min or so) but because it does not lift your natural color, there is no line.

It's best to choose a color 2-3 shades lighter than you think would match, esp at first since your hair will be porous from the old color and could go too dark. I'm pretty good at helping choose colors if you need help. You can post/send pics or just tell me which shade(s) is closest to your own, or what you would like.
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Thanks CurliLocks. I'm still weighing my options. My hair really takes color. The first time I used a semi permanent (med ash brown), it was almost black. But, it did wash out over time. The next time I tried med ash brown and a natural medium brown. Way too much of a reddish cast. Then I tried med ash brown and light ash brown. The color was perfect. Lasted a long, long time. Then light ash brown was discontinued so I tried Natural Instincts. Color was okay but not perfect and faded very fast.

My natural color is a cool dark brown. I really like ash shades since they don't produce that reddish cast that I hate. I have been looking at the RC website. It looks like Ash Brown #2 mixed with Light Ash Blonde to create a lighter shade. What do you think? Do you have a better suggestion? Thanks!
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