They did a write up on her in the New York Daily News! She's getting ready to come out with her own hair care line. I she's the new Oprah for hair care
they said anything she recommends flys off the shelf, and recommended Chicorro's book, and it becames a New York Times Bestseller or something.

How can you act so bad, and have such good luck?
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You're exaggerating. Chicoro's book was number one in the beauty books on Amazon following Kim's review. The products didn't fly off the shelves. The article stated that where she lived kinky curly sold better because her recommendation in her leave-in concoction. A lot of youtubers, after becoming relatively well-known, launch their own product lines. Black oynxx is an example. She seems like your standard upper middle class woman to me. No need to make such a huge deal about.
I do, however, wish her success because her videos are helpful, even though her voice can be annoying. She tends to over enunciate and some take that as condescending, but she has foreign viewers as well so I guess that's why.
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I actually speak that way sometimes. I had a lisp as a child (did speech therapy) and now my MS sometimes makes it hard to speak clearly so I tend to enunciate as clear as possible especially when I'm speaking in public. It might look like I'm overdoing it to some people, but that's how I speak. I've only watched her leave in video, but I know what you mean.

I know you're talking about KT, but it a sensitive subject for me sometimes.

Carry on!
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