Wash and go in sections - Finally stopped being lazy and decided to try this since my hair is getting longer and is so darn thick. Better distribution of product and less matting of my roots. I will have to get used to the extra time commitment tho..10-15 min w/ my previous "slap on product" method vs. over an hour trying to be more thorough.

Wash and go w/ Fantasia IC clear - hair didn't shrink up as much as it normally does with just leave in and oil so that was nice, but it didn't really offer much hold and my hair looked a little ashy (dunno about that "greatest shine on earth" business). This works much better for me with slicked back styles.

On the fence:
Wash and go w/ Olive Oil Eco Styler - hair looked totally cute but dried crunchier than I would have liked, even tho I mixed the Eco w/ castor oil to try to bring down the crunch. 2nd day hair was much nicer when refreshed with Oyin Hair Dew and a smidge of JC Nourish and Shine, but I think I wanna try out the Pink Eco.