I've been using Organic Thermo Fusion Keratin Treatment. It really repairs hair and eliminates frizz. What I love the most is that you dont need to wait days to wash your hair. You wash it immediately after finishing the treatment.
The instructions are easy, just need to make sure you flat iron higher than 410 degrees, divide in small sections and go over each section about 10 times.
Hair will instantly look very shiny, straight and feel smooth and silky. Its really awesome every time I use it. No Frizz or sponge look for months. I really recommend this one!
They even sell a small kit that lasts for 1 or 2 applications.
Thumbs up!

If so, what brand & how long did it last? Was it difficult to do?

My hair is damaged from coloring & is a frizzy mess. It is very dry and I have tried everything.

I finally found a salon in my area that offers Coppola, but it is $475. I simply cannot afford that. Please help a stressed out curly mop!

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