Just wanted to say that Naturelle Gel is my winter HG. (I just came to this conclusion yesterday). The NY dews are so low and it worked for me.

My summer HG gel is KCCC with KKKT under it.

My Flax seed gel works all year around with excellent results and I add agave in the summer, cut that in winter.

Hope this helps. This info has come from 2 1/2 years of experimentation.
3A, Protein Senitive, Low Porosity,
Wash: Suave Naturals Conds (excluding Coconut), CVSB
Rinse out/Leave In: GVP Cond. Balm, KCKT,
Style: Naturelle Gel(winter HG), KCCC (summer HG), Flaxseed gel
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