I have dark brown hair and I am also looking for a hair color to cover my grays. After a horrible experience with permanent color awhile back in a salon I am sticking with semi-permanent for now. My gray is mainly at the temples and hair line. You can see it when I pull my hair back but down it is not too horrible but enough so I can see it.

Previously I have been using Clairol's Natural Instincts medium brown. I find that at first it is very dark and it does not last at all. Until I read Shebros post I thought it was just me! I also find it only last about 3 weeks.

I would love some ideas if anyone has figured out a solution for dark brown hair.

Thanks so much!
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Udo: Have you tried Garnier HerbaShine? That is the first semi-permanent color I tried and absolutely loved it until this discontinued a shade I was mixing with another shade. The last time I used it earlier this year, the color lasted almost 8 weeks. I couldn't believe it. And, it took care of those pesky grays in my hairline and temple area.

My hair really grabs onto color also, that is why I was mixing 2 shades. Maybe you should try HerbaShine, a medium brown shade mixed with a light brown shade. I liked their ash line to counteract any reddish tones that my hair naturally wants to pull. I tried NI, and while the 2 shades I mixed produced good results, the color didn't last at all on my gray. And, it made my hair more dry compared to the HS which left it feeling very healthy.

Right now, I contemplating Robert Craig color (no perioxide or ammonia). I really wish there were more choices in semi permanent brands and shades.
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