Why do I attract strays? I swear the local humane society is going to start to think I'm a very unsuccessful backyard breeder. Oh well, another hot meal and a scrub bath and off to the humane society with this little dust mop puppy.

We found a Siamese kitten under the porch, but we're bottle feeding it and I think my roommate wants to keep it. It thinks my poor Bigby is a toy. He's feeling stressed.
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Strays keep track of that stuff and tell all their friends. I believe cats are actually the information gatherers, and of course cats are notorious gossips. It's most likely that the kitten and the puppy are co-conspirators in an effort to scam you out of food and cuddles.

In all seriousness, handrearing a kitten is no easy task. I would highly recommend researching before undertaking it. The difference between good house cat and a feral cat is it's mother and what she taught them and it takes a lot of work as a human to reproduce.
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I knew someone who thought along these lines, too. He felt our house had received a dog version of a hobo mark, and that was why every breed from a small, fat beagle to a great Newfoundland showed up for a snack, a bath, and a nap before moving on to rescue.
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I'm the same, it's really bad in the neighborhood I've moved too, I swear I think the woman up the street is an animal hoarder. I never see the same dogs twice in her yard, and I always hear a bunch of barking on the inside. And the house two streets over is always crawling with cats

Don't worry Cympreni, I've raised kittens before (my mother was afflicted with the hobo mark as well), I only do it because my humane society's resources are already stretched thin and are understaffed, especially with kitten season well underway. I can't actually foster, being a rental property, so I usually get the kitties on solid food and litterbox trained before passing them on. I passed on a brother and sister a couple weeks ago.

@Ninja, I found a beagle a few months ago dead of winter, huddling under my car on my way to work. He too was given to the humane society full of beef and gravy and smelling faintly of coconut. I think I definitely got the hobo mark
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