curlypearl-I had my hair colored at a Paul Mitchell school and it went jet black, Were talking Elvira back. Luckily it was around I had to get my hair bleached and all sorts of stuff done to it so it would come back to brown. It was a horrible experience that lasted almost a year to get back to my natural color. After that I said no more permanent color, at least not until I have to!

I think my hair may also pull alot of color. Whenever I get my hair colored in a salon it is always too dark. I started to do it at home because I figured I could do it just as well and it was cheaper. As I mentioned I have used Clariol Natural Instincts but it comes out dark as well. Also as Shebros mentioned it does not last at all.

I do want a dark brown shade for my hair. I would not mind a little red if that happened.

Shebros: I have not tried Garnier HerbaShine? How did you ever figure out to mix two colors? I would be so scared that I would mess it up! Was it just trial and error? I have only been coloring my hair on my own for a little bit. I guess if I use one and its too dark would I switch and mix in the lower shade? I looked at the colors online and it is a little hard to tell. I think I will check it out though. I am glad to know your hair felt healthy on it. My hair always seem to go weird after I color.

If anyone else has a great semi-permanent color idea I would love to hear it!